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Easy Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

After a cold, dreary winter, there’s nothing like cleaning, organizing, and freshening up your house for the sunny and warm summer months ahead. And with more daylight hours on the horizon, those little dust bunnies that you have been successfully hiding are going to be pretty hard to ignore. That means it’s time for a spring cleaning. But unless you’re one of those extraordinary people like my mom who enjoys cleaning, making a spring cleaning checklist can be a big undertaking.

Doesn’t it just feel fantastic to have a sparkly clean home? It might take a little gearing up for and planning, but it’s worth it. Getting rid of winter dust, dirt, and clutter is not only good for your physical health but can also help reduce the effects of seasonal allergies and improve your mental health. Here are some easy spring cleaning tips and tricks to freshen your home without losing your mind. Plus, we’re featuring our favorite green cleaner, Powerizer Complete, which can replace every product in your cabinet.

Spring Cleaning


While I like to do a blitz and spring clean my house all at once,  that might be next to impossible for busier households or those with large homes. It also takes a good amount of energy to get it all done. Do it all in one day or schedule a few tasks each time you have spare time on the weekends or evenings. If you need some motivation to get it done, maybe throw a little spring party or host a holiday like Easter or Memorial Day to give yourself a cutoff date.


Making a plan is the most efficient way to spring clean your home. I like to start upstairs in the bedrooms and bathrooms, then work my way down to the living areas. I usually do the kitchen last because this seems to be the central spot for bringing dirty things down to clean. How long it takes will depend on the size of your home and how messy your house is. If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, legalist the rooms in your home and tackle one at a time. Tasks like freshening bed linens and soaking drapes can be done for multiple rooms simultaneously. If you have more than one bathroom, try grouping the cleaning tasks for those simultaneously to help keep you focused on what you’re doing. I like to do major organizational tasks like closets or draws last as they can take up a lot of time and interfere with busy cleaning work like vacuuming, making the cleaning process feel like it will never end.

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