Are Casino Employees Allowed to Gamble?


One of the biggest questions that trouble people’s minds is whether casino employees can gamble in their casinos. This question can be hard to answer since it depends highly on the various casino establishments, countries, or intentions. Many land-based or online casinos typically regulate their employees from gambling at their workplaces. States and countries regulate casino employees’ playing in the state or country they work in. You can understand the reason behind this as you read this article. 

The situation in Online Casinos

Most internet gambling establishments are based in offshore gambling havens that have granted them gambling licenses. Thus, Malta has become one of the most important locations for virtual gaming establishments. Although there are no statewide prohibitions on the internet gambling for casino personnel in Malta, individual establishments can enforce such policies if desired. Given their unique business perspective, online casino staff is often barred from signing up as customers. A user’s identification is checked when they sign up for an account at the casino’s website to ensure they are not already employed there.


The workers may have access despite being prohibited from playing. For example, if a player has a problem with the game, customer support will have to counter-check to confirm whether there are any complications. Content producers and advertisers may need to be given access to the game so that they can be able to promote them. Employees in such a case will be given gaming credit but cannot be allowed to cash out their winnings. Because of the prevalence of fraud in the online gambling industry, it is common practice for online casinos to prohibit their staff from working in the payment or fraud departments gambling. They would have an advantage in such gambling establishments because of their familiarity with the procedures and ability to spot systemic flaws. 

Dealing With Gambling Addictions among Employees

One of the main reasons brought forward by casinos as to why they do not allow their employees to play is that they are helping curb gambling problems among employees. The claim is that people mostly around gambling sites are likelier to have a gambling addiction than others. With this in mind, many casinos, whether land-based or online, prevent their employees from engaging in gambling. 

Protecting Casino Assets and Bankrolls

One major reason casinos might be that regulating their employees from playing may be more selfish than trying to help them. Casinos know that dealers and floor who get into gambling addiction tend to get involved in casino scams with other employees or players. This has been common, especially in games like Baccarat. Many baccarat dealers that have developed a gambling problem bring a major loss to the casino they work in. Casinos often ban their employees from engaging in the games they handle to protect themselves from being scammed. 

In conclusion

Various online casinos have not concluded whether their employees should be allowed to gamble. However, if a country has no laws that may ban employees from gambling in the casinos they work in, casinos are responsible for restricting their employees. 

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