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Spotify’s Clubhouse rival, Greenroom, tops 140K installs on iOS, 100K on Android – TechCrunch

Spotify’s recently launched the live audio app and Clubhouse rival, Spotify Greenroom, has a long road ahead if it wants to take on top social audio platforms like Clubhouse, Airtime, Spoon, and others, not to mention those from leading social networks, like Twitter and Facebook. According to data from app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, the new Greenroom app has only been downloaded 141,000 times on iOS.


This includes downloads from its earlier iteration, Locker Room — an app Spotify acquired to move into live audio. Google Play data indicates the app has been installed over 100,000 times on Android, but Sensor Tower cannot yet confirm this figure. For comparison, Clubhouse today has 30.2 million total installs, 18.7 million of which are on iOS, Sensor Tower says. Other top audio apps include Airtime, with 11.4 million iOS installs, out of 14.3 million (including Android), and Spoon, with 7.6 million iOS installs, out of  27.3 million.


International apps like UAE’s Yalla and China’s Lizhi are also massive, with the former sporting 48.1 total installs, 3.8 million of which are on iOS. The latter has 29.5+ million total installs but only a handful on iOS. Other newcomers have managed to stake more minor claims in the audio, and social space, too, including Fishbowl (759,000 total installs), Cappuccino (497,000 installs), Riff (339,000 installs), and Sonar (154,000 installs.) Sensor Tower. The firm analyzed 34 social audio apps. The chart shows those with the most installs.   Meanwhile, Spotify Greenroom’s launch last month seems to have attracted only a tiny fraction of Spotify’s more extensive user base, which has now grown to 365 million monthly active users.

The majority of Greenroom’s installs — around 106,000 — took place after Greenroom’s official launch on July 16, 2021, through July 25, 2021, Sensor Tower says. Counting only its Greenroom installs, the app is ranked at No. 12 among social audio apps. It follows Tin Can, which gained 127,000 installs since launching in early March. Because Greenroom took over Locker Room’s install base, some portion of Greenroom’s total iOS installs (141K) included downloads that occurred when the app was still Locker Room. But that number is relatively small. Sensor Tower estimates Locker Room saw only around 35,000 total iOS installs to date.

That includes the time frame of October 26, 2020 — when the sports chat app launched to the public — until the day before Greenroom’s debut (July 15, 2021). We should also point out that downloads are notdifferent fromgistered users wi,th far fewer active users. Many people download a new app to try it but abandon it shortly after downloading it or never remember to open it. That means the number of people actively using Greenroom at this time is likely much smaller than these figures indicate.

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