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Earlier this year, TikTok was spotted testing a new Q&A feature allowing creators to respond more directly to their audience’s questions using either text or video. Today, the company has announced the feature is now available to all users globally. With the release of TikTok Q&A, as the quality is officially called, creators will be able to designate their comments as Q&A questions, respond to questions with either text comments or video replies, and add a Q&A profile link to their bios, among other things. The feature also works with live videos.

TikTok Q&A grew out that creators were already using the video platform to interact with viewers. After posting a video, viewers often would have follow-up questions about the content. Creators would then either respond to those questions in the comments section or, if the response was more involved, they might post a second video instead. The Q&A feature essentially formalizes this process by making it easier for creators — particularly those with many fans — to identify and answer the most interesting questions.


To use Q&A, viewers will first designate their comments as a Q&A question using a new commenting option. To do so, they’ll tap the Q&A icon on the right side of the text entry field in the comments. This will also label their comment with the icon and text “Asked by,” followed by the person’s username asking the question. This makes it easier for creators to see when scanning through a long list of comments on their videos. The feature will also feed the inquiry into the creator’s new Q&A page, where all questions and answers are aggregated. Users can browse this page to see all the earlier questions and answers that have already been posted or add a new question.

Creators will respond to a Q&A question with either text or video replies, just as they did before — so there isn’t much new to learn here regarding the process. They can also add Q&A comments as stickers in their responses, where the new video will link back to the original, where the question was first asked, similar to how they’re using comment stickers today. The feature will also be available in TikTok LIVE, making it easier for creators to see the incoming questions in the stream’s chat from a separate panel.

As a part of this launch, a Q&A profile link can be added to creators’ Profile bios, which directs users to the Q&A page where everything is organized. During tests, the feature was only made available to creators with public accounts with more than 10,000 followers who opted in. To enable the marker on your profile, you’ll go to the privacy page under Settings, then select “Creator,” tap “Q&A,” and then “Turn on Q&A.” (If users don’t already have a Creator account, they can enable it for themselves under settings.) Today, TikTok says it’s open to all users with Creator Accounts.

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